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Weekend Respite Camp

Our camps are great for all young people, from those with high levels of energy to those who enjoy quiet time and space. We are flexible and adapt activities to suit the young people attending. Each camp is run by skilled and trauma informed practitioners who create and hold a safe environment for participants to have fun, participate by choice, make new friends and create lasting memories. There is a strong focus on adventure, fun and free play supported by staff to help develop cooperative play and conflict resolution. Our Respite Weekend Camps are held monthly, running from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoons with a support ratio of minimum of one staff member to four young people (This ratio may change dependent on young people's needs). These camps can work as planned respite for caregivers to have a break for the weekend knowing that their young people are in good hands. Locations change regularly to suit environmental and seasonal conditions and activities delivered during camps. Activities may include; - Swimming, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Water play - Fishing - Natural Play - Cultural walk - Sand boarding - Mindfulness activities

Tailored  Camps

We can tailor camps to suit your specific needs. We are happy to work with you to provide positive outcomes and whatever will suit your participants' needs. By offering tailored programs we not only provide fun and enjoyable adventures, but also foster personal growth and experiences amongst participants. We are happy to collaborate with you and your organisation to provide tailored programs that meet your specific needs Examples of tailored programs we have previously provided are: - Tailored sibling camps with the goal of focusing on sibling connections and enhancing positive interactions and communication. Sibling relationships are often complex, and our camps can provide a space for siblings to bond through positive activities such as kayaking, SUP’ing etc. Working on effective communication can have long lasting benefits for their relationships and family dynamics. - Day adventures for groups of young people with the goal of increasing social supports and connections. Building supportive social networks is crucial for young people's wellbeing and development, and providing opportunities for them to engage in fun activities can contribute to their social growth and wellbeing. Our day adventures have included : day trips to North Stradbroke island, sandboarding, swimming and exploring the island, day trips to Mt Tambourine, doing high ropes and swimming in Cedar Creek falls after.

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