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Walk & Talk Therapy

We offer individual walk and talk therapy for young people, provided by a qualified Social Worker. It works for young people who may not feel comfortable sitting in an enclosed space talking about how they feel. It’s relaxed, comfortable and it harnesses the benefits of walking and being outside in nature, while providing a safe space for young people to talk about where they are at. There are many evidence-based outcomes that demonstrate that walking can benefit us in so many ways such as physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. Many countries use walking therapeutically. Prescribing nature has become more frequent internationally. Many services, including ours, offer walk and talk therapy as an antidote to sitting in a room with a counsellor. It seems so simple to describe the benefits of walking through a forest or green space and talking about what is happening for you. It makes sense. You are getting dopamine from the exercise. You’re walking at whatever pace you feel comfortable with, in a beautiful setting, not even having to maintain eye contact unless you want to. It's so easy and comfortable. We provide spaces for young people to discuss how they feel, their needs and work together on identifying and achieving their goals.

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