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About us

Our team of highly experienced professionals have a proven track record in engaging and supporting complex and disengaged children, young people and families to identify and achieve their goals.


Our commitment is to provide well planned, targeted and achievable programs to reduce risk and improve health and well-being. Activities throughout the program are all designed to be delivered in a safe and fun environment for participants to practice new skills to meet their goals.    


We are constantly evolving, striving for best practice to work with children, young people and families to learn, grow and thrive through adventure, self-discovery and nature connection.


Our goals are to work with stakeholders to identify, develop and strengthen placements, and young people’s connection to themselves and their community and environment.

Our Mission

  • Use adventure based therapeutic solutions to provide respite from challenging situations and allow children, young people and families to recalibrate through connection with nature

  • To increase emotional and physical wellbeing as a proactive strategy for personal health

  • To develop pure and trusting relationships with our participants, partners and communities we engage with

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for participants to work through trauma to learn, grow and thrive

  • Deliver evidence based and ethical practice 


Our Values

We conduct ourselves with Integrity. Our practices, actions and decisions will be honest, fair and reliable​

We Respect individuality, human rights, privacy and individual choices

​We Empower each other to work towards our potential and goals  

We prioritise Safety in all our engagement and activities 

"Walk and talk has opened my eyes to a whole new set of tools to support my mental health. I have rediscovered the joy of being in the outdoors. During the sessions I look forward to facing some physical challenges while being supported to better understand my mental health"
Child protection professional


Meet the Team

National park

My Summit ABTS uses Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) to ensure the best outcomes possible. We use questionnaires before and after each session to help us track progress. These performance metrics were developed by Dr Scott Miller, who focuses on how practitioners can improve client outcomes and experiences in services like ours. These measures are done collaboratively to ensure our clients remain empowered while increasing their physical and mental health. Evidence demonstrates that FIT has potential to double rates of positive outcomes by allowing us to better tailor our services based on your progress and feedback. Feedback Informed Treatment

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